Some Interesting Facts About Magnesium

Magnesium is a crucial mineral for the body. It is very abundant in the human body and crucial to the healthy functioning of the system. Though this mineral is actually the fourth most present mineral in the body, many people lack sufficient levels of magnesium, which is why many people take magnesium as a supplement.

Here are more facts about magnesium, which is also referred to as “element 12,” and why it is so important for healthy functioning.

1. A magnesium ion is present in the chlorophyll molecule of every living green plant.

2. Magnesium is critically important for the human metabolic system’s functioning. There are 300 reactions that take place in the body that rely on magnesium’s presence in the system.

3. “Mag” wheels are wheels made out of a magnesium alloy. Wheels made of this alloy were once popular as the mineral is very strong yet also very lightweight. The downside of these wheels, however, was that they didn’t last long, and were potentially flammable. Today “mag” wheels don’t actually contain magnesium.

4. Magnesium ignites relatively easily and putting these fires out with water is dangerous. The combination creates hydrogen, which just increases the flames. A magnesium fire should not be put out with a regular carbon dioxide-based fire extinguisher, as the fire will get even bigger. A “Class D” fire extinguisher is needed to put out a magnesium fire. Class D extinguishers contain sodium chloride, which can smother a magnesium fire.

5. Sodium is the only metal that is more present in seawater than magnesium.

6. Humans need a balanced amount of magnesium in their system in order to get good sleep. Magnesium levels that are too high or too low can make it difficult to sleep for most individuals.

7. There is much more magnesium contained under the crust of the earth than actually contained in it.

8. A whopping 13 percent of Planet Earth’s mass is made of magnesium. There is actually enough magnesium contained within our planet to make another planet with the mass of Mars, and still have a lot of extra magnesium left over! There would be enough, in fact, to make three extra planets, each with a mass equal to that of our moon. That’s a lot of magnesium!

Magnesium is a highly reactive metal required for human functionality and is essential for all living organisms. Deficiencies in magnesium lead to muscle cramps, chronic pains, and headaches. Taking a daily supplement is an efficient way to increase intake.

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