RheniumRhenium, behind Tungsten and Carbon, is a silvery-white colored metal with the third-highest melting point of any naturally-occurring element. It is often paired with other metals to create superalloys used in high temperature industrial applications. Unfortunately, due to an extremely low average concentration estimated to be only 1 part per billion (ppb), Rhenium very rarely occurs in nature.

Rhenium Alloys And Their Resistance to Heat

Most notably, Rhenium has the third-highest melting points out of any of the known elements. Nickel-based alloys of Rhenium are significant due to their high heat tolerance, which allows them to be used in various settings. Approximately 70% of all Rhenium produced yearly is used in the fabrication of critical aircraft jet turbine components such as their combustion chambers, turbine blades, and exhaust nozzles.

Rhenium for Catalyzation

When it comes to the catalyzation, Rhenium combined with Titanium accounts for approximately 30% of all catalysts used worldwide in the process of catalytic reforming of naphtha for use in gasoline. It is also used to hydrogenate other elements such as nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus due to Rhenium-based catalysts being extremely resistant to chemical poisoning.

Rhenium and Healthcare

One the more unique properties of Rhenium is its high level of tissue penetration depth, making it a valuable material in the field of medicine. This makes it an effective treatment for liver cancer, along with its long radioactive lifespan of about 90 hours.

Sourcing Rhenium

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