Phosphorous Bronze

PhosphorousbronzeDozens of metal alloys serve many industrial uses for a variety of products, and some have unique qualities that make them especially valuable for certain uses. Phosphor bronze, which is also called Phos Bronze, is a copper alloy that is composed of phosphorus and tin. These elements work together to make a metal that is more fluid when heated to a molten state, so this alloy can be easily used for casting. This quality makes Phos Bronze ideal for many purposes.

Properties of Phos Bronze Alloy

One of the key qualities of Phos Bronze is its resilience and strength. These make it a great metal to use in the creation of products that call for high resistance to corrosion and all-around wear and tear. This alloy also provides great elasticity and strength. Products made with Phos Bronze are also highly electrically conductive.

Products Usually Made from Phos Bronze

Here’s an alloy that offers great resistance to wear and tear along with a lot of elasticity. All Phos Bronze’s unique properties make this metal alloy ideal for creating auto parts, digital electronic parts, and fasteners, springs, and metal bolts. Metal parts that are made with this alloy are known for their reliable performance as well as for their ability to be processed easily.

Interestingly, Phos Bronze is also used in various musical applications. Back in 1974, this material was first introduced in acoustic guitar strings. These strings were produced by the D’Addario Company as Phos Bronze guitar strings, and they were touted as special strings that offered “extended life” as well as a “bright” and “well-balanced” acoustic guitar tone. The Phos Bronze strings are made of an alloy composed of 92 percent copper and 8 percent tin, which is apparently a great combination for enhancing the sound of an acoustic guitar. The D’Addario site also mentions that the first acoustic alloy string was used by their company back in the 1930s, and those strings were made of an 80/20 copper and zinc alloy.

Along with guitar strings, Phos Bronze is also used in the production of saxophones. In aviation, phosphor bronze is used for springs, bolts, and other machinery that requires resistance to corrosion.

From bolts to springs to guitar strings, there’s no question that Phos Bronze is an alloy that offers great reliability and versatility. At Avion Alloys, we can fulfill your need for Phosphor Bronze, available in sheets and strips, Phos Bronze is an essential material for most situations. Contact us to receive a quote on Phos Bronze!