Nickel High Temperature Alloy

nickel high tempNickel is one of the most extensively used alloys because of its corrosion/electrical-resistance, increased strength when exposed to high temperatures, and unique magnetic ability. Nickel is most commonly used in making stainless steel but is also used in: iron-nickel-chromium alloys, copper-nickel alloys, nickel-chromium alloys, magnetic alloys, low expansion alloys, and much more.

In order to create a nickel alloy, the purest raw materials must be gathered to get the chemical composition required to make a specific alloy. The content levels must be uniform and exact in order to get the best quality alloy from the manufacturing process. The next step is to melt, hot-roll, and process the desired alloys. Precise calculations along with specific concepts are used to ensure that the end result is of the highest quality.

Uses of Nickel

Nickel is present in a wide range of alloys, making it one of the most universally used elements for both the industrial and commercial industry. Nickel is mostly used in combination with other metals to serve as a protective layer as many other metals do not possess the same corrosion-resisting qualities as nickel. What makes this metal unique is the fact that it maintains its corrosion-resisting qualities even when heated to extremely high temperatures. This makes it the perfect metal to be used in toasters and electric ovens. Some more common uses of nickel are in:

  • Batteries
  • Armour plating
  • Desalination plants
  • Medical field
  • Boat propeller shafts
  • Turbine blades
  • Aircraft gas turbines
  • Nuclear power systems

Nickel has also been used in coins for a long while. The current U.S. five-cent coin is made up of 25 percent nickel and 75 percent copper.

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