InconelengineInconel consists of a family of nickel and chromium based superalloys. The Inconel family was first developed by research teams in the 1940’s. Created to help develop the Whittle jet engine, this family of superalloys has grown into an essential piece of various construction, aviation, and aerospace projects.

The Properties of Inconel

As with most superalloys, Inconel alloys are created for specific situations. Inconel alloys are not affected by oxidation and are resistant to corrosion. They are also very durable and suitable for high-pressure environments. When heated to high temperatures, Inconel creates a protective layer that protects it from damage. The Inconel family can also withstand higher temperatures than aluminum and steel.

Because of its ability to adapt to the environment, Inconel is a difficult metal to shape using conventional means. Instead of a traditional machining process, Inconel is formed with a slow cut hardening tool. Although it is a more cumbersome process, Inconel is still highly valued for its properties.

The Uses of Inconel

Inconel is used for extreme environments. It is commonly found in gas turbine engines and turbochargers which can both reach high-temperature levels. NASCAR exhaust systems also utilize the properties of Inconel to ensure that race cars continue to function properly. In aerospace, Inconel is used in anything from studs to secure the rocket boosters of a space shuttle to the launch platform, to the actual engine of a spacecraft.

In aviation, Inconel is used in jet engines to ensure that they can withstand the extremely high temperatures that the engines can reach. As a primary component of aircraft engines, Inconel can be applied to discs, blades, and cooling systems.

The Inconel family is an invaluable set of superalloys that can be made to suit a vast number of environments and situations. At Avion Alloys, we safely maintain superalloys of the Inconel family to make sure the properties are kept in peak condition. With our quality assurance, you can be sure that our products are consistently above industry standard. Contact us online for a quote of our Inconel superalloys or browse our products to find the particular material you might need.