Bronze for Aviation

bronzeBronze is a copper alloy with multiple variations in its composition for different uses. Bronze is often used in the product of architectural pieces, furniture hardware, trims and railing, and door and window frames. When necessary, It can also be protected with a mild coating which can make it resistant to weak acids. Bronze is usually combined with other metals and is used when a metal stronger than copper is necessary.

Bronze For Aviation

Factors such as strength, conductivity, malleability, and elasticity are all considered before a metal is chosen for a project in the aviation industry. Pure copper is valued more than bronze because of how it ranks in such factors, along with being recyclable. Bronze can be used in the pistons and rotors in the engine of an aircraft. It has very low friction properties making it ideal for the fast moving components of an engine such as bearings and pump parts. It is often used in fuel and oil line fittings to allow fuel and oil to move freely without rusting.

By itself, bronze isn’t used much in an aircraft because of its problems like having poor resistance, but variations of bronze can provide a multitude of uses. Aluminum bronze is used for diaphragms, gears, and pumps. Aluminum bronze is also useful in areas that are frequently exposed to saltwater or corrosive gasses because it isn’t easily corroded. Manganese bronze is used in landing gear and brackets. Bronze can be combined with other metals to create alloys for a variety of situations.

  • Aluminum bronze – Used in pumps and gears
  • Manganese bronze – Can be molded into a rod form and used in landing gear
  • High leaded tin bronze – Used in engine castings

Bronze is used in many different aspects of an aircraft. By combining bronze with different metals the properties of the new alloys create more opportunities for bronze to be utilized effectively. Our goal at Avion Alloys is to supply our customers with high-grade materials that are above industry standards. To receive a free quote for our bronze or bronze-based alloys, or give us a call at (866) 610-1600.