22Jun 2017

Brass is one of the most popular and universally used metals for various reasons. One of the most obvious is because of its aesthetic appeal. Brass gives off a shine that can only be compared to the likes of gold and silver and is relatively economical. Its distinct shine is a key reason why you are likely to see brass used in architectural design. Brass is also highly malleable and a conductive material that is commonly used in electrical wiring. This low maintenance alloy’s corrosion-resisting properties coupled with its aesthetic appeal has made it a popular metal for the following industries.
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13Jun 2017

Multi-layered insulation (MLI) provides thermal control to a variety of spacecraft, instruments and launch vehicles. Mainly used for limiting the amount of radiative heat transfer, multi-layered insulation has become a mainstay in aviation and aerospace. Although metals like titanium can be heat resistant, other metals might not be able to handle such drastic temperature changes. MLI can be utilized to counter extreme heat transfer from conduction and radiation. MLI can only control heat in a vacuum making it ineffective for countering convection (the transfer of heat through physical movement of molecules).
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21May 2017
a computer chip

The technology industry experienced a boom at the turn of the century and hasn’t slowed down since. A computer that used to fill an entire room was condensed to a personal computer, then into a laptop, and now a miniature device that can fit in your pocket. This has changed how we see technology and will continue to influence the many generations to come. While consumers were great benefactors of the tech boom, many material sourcing companies experienced an increase in orders for high quality metals and materials during this time. The need for these metals and materials continue to increase as the technology industry continues to reach unforeseen heights. Continue reading

10May 2017
aluminum soda tabs

Aluminum is incredibly popular as it is the third most abundant element on Earth behind silicon and oxygen. With such a vast amount of aluminum at our disposal, it is of no surprise that it is used in so many varying aspects of everyday life. What makes this metal so universally used is its odorless, malleable, conductive, and corrosion-resistant qualities. Continue reading

28Apr 2017
3 uses steel

Although the use of steel dates back to thousands of years, it was not until the mid-19th century that the Bessemer Process was formed, allowing for its cheap mass production. Steel is now used in many vehicles, buildings, and tools. In fact, is it the most widely used and recycled metal material. Its ability to flex and mold into various types helps it meet a broad range of use. With over 1.3 billion tons of steel produced every year, what are the top 3 industrial applications?

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05Apr 2017
Industrial Uses for Aluminum

Aluminum is considered to be the top metal of choice for manufacturing industry professionals. This is due in part to its corrosion resistance, high strength, and low-density properties. Aluminum is also non-toxic which makes it ideal for any application which involves the packaging of food items. While there are many uses for aluminum, here are the top 3 uses.

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24Mar 2017
NASA Satellite

From the launch of the first satellite over 50 years ago, aluminum has been the first choice in materials by the experts in the space programs. Materials used by NASA must be able to function under extreme stress, pressure, and low temperatures. As aluminum is already the metal of choice for building airplane parts, it also becoming the metal of choice for the experts at NASA.

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16Mar 2017

Thermoform tooling is the process of creating the necessary tools for the thermoforming process. The variety of materials that could be used to make the molds used to form the plastic can be anything from wood or steel, but aluminum is the better option for several reasons. Aluminum is one of the most adaptable and cost-effective materials to use in thermoform tooling. It provides quality and durability like none other which allows the manufacturer to reuse the same mold to make a great number of tools.
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21Feb 2017
steel rolls

One might be surprised to hear that steel prices are predicted to climb drastically after declining for the previous 15 months leading into 2017, but that is exactly what can be expected. Steel prices are currently the highest they’ve been since the summer of 2011 and this is of no coincidence. There are many factors that contribute to this upward trend. Continue reading

05Feb 2017
a piece of nickel on the periodic table

Last week, Indonesia implemented rules that will now free up the exportation of nickel ore and concentrates of other minerals under particular conditions. This is a dramatic shift in policy by Southeast Asia’s biggest economy and one of the largest global suppliers of nickel. This drastic policy shift may have come as a surprise to some, but a closer look at the Indonesian economy would hint that change was on the horizon. Continue reading