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Despite being one of the hardest and most resilient things on earth, metal service centers can cut and shape metal for specific construction projects. Cutting metal is contingent on what type of metal it is and what role this metal will play within a standard building job. Different projects require different metals in a variety […]

When having parts manufactured for heavy machinery and equipment, it’s critical to choose the right material. Making the right choice depends on your budget, the desired application, the required durability, and a few other factors. Here’s what you need to know about the five most common materials used for heavy equipment and machine parts. Carbon […]

Hollow metal tubes and bar are used for various structural applications. Metal tubes and hollow bar are cheaper and weigh less than a solid metal bar, while still providing the strength of a solid metal bar. Though they look similar, the two have a variety of differences. In this article, we will see the main […]

When hard materials come in contact with one another over time, damage and wear known as abrasion will occur. In some cases, abrasion is intentional. Processes like blasting, sanding, and grinding will create an abrasion effect. When unintentional, however, abrasion can cause machine and building components to fail. In these instances, it’s essential to use […]

High-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel is made from carbon combined with trace alloying elements that increase its strength. This type of steel has a higher level of toughness and responds better to heat treatment than other types of steel. HSLA steel has an increased ability to resist corrosion. The Manufacturing Process HSLA steel is produced by […]

Titanium is the one of the closest things to a miracle metal found on earth. This silvery gray metal is stronger than steel (if you consider the strength-to-weight ratio). It resists corrosion and rust more effectively than platinum, which is a noble metal. Titanium is not impacted by weather or most environments and is even […]

While stainless steel and aluminum have many uses in sheet metal projects, they differ significantly. The main distinguishing factor is that aluminum occurs as a natural element, while stainless steel is a man-made alloy. However, there are a few more key aspects that characterize these metals.

Magnesium is a crucial mineral for the body. It is very abundant in the human body and crucial to the healthy functioning of the system. Though this mineral is actually the fourth most present mineral in the body, many people lack sufficient levels of magnesium, which is why many people take magnesium as a supplement.

Gleaming, gorgeous metals (sometimes referred to as “exotic” metals), can be a great choice for special construction projects. Exotic metals are a class of metals that are sustainable as well as durable and high-performance. These metals include stainless steel, titanium, zinc alloy, copper, and nickel based alloys and terne coated stainless steel. These metals are […]

A good knife can be an incredible tool. It can help you create a great meal, and it can help you cut branches to make a fire. Knives are used constantly in kitchens, and a high-quality knife can be a priceless tool for use on camping and hiking expeditions. Because of the importance of knives […]