The first use of aluminum in the military dates back to 1892 when the French Government used it for their torpedo boats. The U.S. Army followed suit years later but they had a slightly different approach. In 1896, the United States used this alloy for their pickets, tents, and canteens. Teddy Roosevelt notoriously toted an aluminum canteen in the historic charge up San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War. Since that day over 100 years ago, aluminum alloys have been the lightweight option for a multitude of land-combat equipment including howitzers, Humvees, assault bridges and much more. Listed below are a few more military uses for aluminum alloys.


The lightweight quality of aluminum has made it a popular option for the military. The most functional alloy for military use is one that can be easily welded while providing a given level of protection. This makes aluminum perfect for military-grade armor. The 5000-series aluminum alloys have been used on all aluminum vehicles produced as of current because of the aforementioned benefits. The 7000-series heat treatable alloys are most beneficial for its ability to take impact from all angles.


The use of aluminum on military vehicles over the past few decades has increased drastically due to the continuing effort to make vehicles lighter and more mobile. This increases the vehicle’s ability to move gracefully through the water and makes theses vehicles easier to transport via plane. The lighter the vehicles, the more that can be transported, which makes the entire process more efficient. This has led to car companies to refer to their vehicles as military-grade to promote how lightweight they are and their durability.


The use of aluminum in military ordnance has lowered the cost while maintaining and, in some cases, improving performance. From guns and launchers to torpedos and mines, aluminum is the base for a large quantity of military artillery. The conventional 20-mm round has a conical aluminum nosepiece, while the M-60 machine gun contains multiple aluminum parts.

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